Pool fence damage creates drowning risk in Florida

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Pool fence damage creates drowning risk in Florida

During  a hurricane like Irma, we must warn people about the dangers of drowning in flood waters and rough surf. But another potential hazard not often considered are swimming pools that are now more exposed as a threat due to the damaged pool fences that lay in the wake of the hurricane. High winds and derby have toppled countless fences in the area. Some of which were protecting pools at people homes as well as public swimming areas.

Protecting children from all of the pools is a problem in Florida as a result of all the damaged fencing.

“Anytime there is fencing that is down around a body of water, there’s a risk for drowning,” said Anna Stewart with the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County. “We just want to make sure that people recognize that it’s a life-safety issue and that it must be taken care of immediately.”

“There’s not enough supplies for everyone to fix their fences,” said Girard, a local mom in a neighborhood hit hard by the storm this past week. Her next door neighbor’s pool fence came down in the storm. It was the only thing blocking their pool from Girard’s yard where her kids play.

“I’m not going to lose my child to a drowning just for having an open pool. There had to be some sort of barrier,” said Girard.

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