Mesh Pool Fence – Sunscreen Analogy

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Mesh Pool Fence – Sunscreen Analogy

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Summer time is the welcoming of warm temperatures, dusting off the old flip flops, and many days spent by the pool. After spending months cooped up in a classroom all day, kids are progressively becoming more eager to get outside and have fun. An increase in outdoor fun means an increase in sunscreen to defend against those hot summer sun rays. how-to-apply-sunscreenThis is when we breakout the sunscreen and lather up our kids head to toe in order to ensure their safety from the sun. While you’re preparing for summer don’t forget to make sure that your pool is properly secured and inaccessible to unattended kids. Installing a mesh pool fence adds a safety barrier between children and the water and takes away your need to worry.

415i1R3wgLWhen choosing a proper sunscreen for your child you shouldn’t continue to use the same old, expired bottles that you’ve had for years in the back of your cabinet. No, you want the best protection for your kids so you will ensure they are getting quality over convenience. The same is true for your fencing needs. Why constantly have to worry when your children are playing outside because of a lack of protection due to no fence or one that is completely old and rundown. Think of other fence companies as SPF 10, you are never completely sure if your child is really being protected from the sun because of the low SPF’s weak durability. After jumping in the pool the lotion becomes useless. You can think of our mesh pool fencing as SPF60+, when all lathered up your children are protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Many hours can be spent in the pool without any worry as to whether their skin is remaining out of harm’s way. 6000197186961With our mesh pool fencing, your children are protected from entering the pool unattended. We guarantee that our mesh fencing material is strong compared to other companies’ materials that can easily break when too much pressure or weight is applied, for example if a child is leaning against it too hard. Don’t let this easily replaceable problem get in the way of your family’s time together outdoors.

Every Arizona resident knows that summer here lasts for nine months instead of the usual three. With that being the case, people tend to look for products that will last them those long sunny months. Sunblock can be a better option when looking for a long lasting, durable skin protectant. Regular sunscreen has a tendency to have a shorter life span than sunblock, making sunblock a better choice when looking for something long term. When using a sunscreen with a low SPF, you have to remember to reapply the protectant every hour because only one application will not be enough to protect your child from hours under the sun. In the case that you do forget to reapply there is more of a chance for sun to seep through the weak barrier and still reach your child’s skin. IMG_0130In comparison, our mesh pool fencing has the sturdiness of sunblock! Most competitors cannot keep up with the drawn-out summer of Arizona, causing their mesh material to quickly become dry rotted which leads to it being brittle and easily torn. Don’t settle for sunscreen, invest in sunblock quality products. Having to replace your fence every summer can be a huge blow to your wallet. Our mesh material has proven to fight against the aging abilities of the sun and demonstrate who’s boss.

With all jokes aside, skin care is a serious issue especially living in such a severely sunny state. The harmful damages of the powerful rays can lead to extremely bad burns, and in worst cases skin cancer. These are real concerns with real preventions. Just like the severity of a child getting hurt by the pool. There have been too many heart wrenching accidents of people drowning that making sure every pool is securely protected is a necessity. Any pool related accident should be avoided at all costs and the solution is a simple one. Let your mind be at ease with installing our high-quality, long-lasting, durable mesh fencing, and continue to have a great, pool filled summer.