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Pool fence damage creates drowning risk in Florida

During  a hurricane like Irma, we must warn people about the dangers of drowning in flood waters and rough surf. But another potential hazard not often considered are swimming pools that are now more exposed as a threat due to the damaged pool fences that lay in the wake of the hurricane. High winds and derby have toppled countless fences in the area. Some of which were protecting pools at people homes as well as public swimming areas.

Protecting children from all of the pools is a problem in Florida as a result of all the damaged fencing.

“Anytime there is fencing that is down around a body of water, there’s a risk for drowning,” said Anna Stewart with the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County. “We just want to make sure that people recognize that it’s a life-safety issue and that it must be taken care of immediately.”

“There’s not enough supplies for everyone to fix their fences,” said Girard, a local mom in a neighborhood hit hard by the storm this past week. Her next door neighbor’s pool fence came down in the storm. It was the only thing blocking their pool from Girard’s yard where her kids play.

“I’m not going to lose my child to a drowning just for having an open pool. There had to be some sort of barrier,” said Girard.

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Mesh Pool Fence – Sunscreen Analogy

Category : Mesh Pool Fence

Summer time is the welcoming of warm temperatures, dusting off the old flip flops, and many days spent by the pool. After spending months cooped up in a classroom all day, kids are progressively becoming more eager to get outside and have fun. An increase in outdoor fun means an increase in sunscreen to defend against those hot summer sun rays. how-to-apply-sunscreenThis is when we breakout the sunscreen and lather up our kids head to toe in order to ensure their safety from the sun. While you’re preparing for summer don’t forget to make sure that your pool is properly secured and inaccessible to unattended kids. Installing a mesh pool fence adds a safety barrier between children and the water and takes away your need to worry.

415i1R3wgLWhen choosing a proper sunscreen for your child you shouldn’t continue to use the same old, expired bottles that you’ve had for years in the back of your cabinet. No, you want the best protection for your kids so you will ensure they are getting quality over convenience. The same is true for your fencing needs. Why constantly have to worry when your children are playing outside because of a lack of protection due to no fence or one that is completely old and rundown. Think of other fence companies as SPF 10, you are never completely sure if your child is really being protected from the sun because of the low SPF’s weak durability. After jumping in the pool the lotion becomes useless. You can think of our mesh pool fencing as SPF60+, when all lathered up your children are protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Many hours can be spent in the pool without any worry as to whether their skin is remaining out of harm’s way. 6000197186961With our mesh pool fencing, your children are protected from entering the pool unattended. We guarantee that our mesh fencing material is strong compared to other companies’ materials that can easily break when too much pressure or weight is applied, for example if a child is leaning against it too hard. Don’t let this easily replaceable problem get in the way of your family’s time together outdoors.

Every Arizona resident knows that summer here lasts for nine months instead of the usual three. With that being the case, people tend to look for products that will last them those long sunny months. Sunblock can be a better option when looking for a long lasting, durable skin protectant. Regular sunscreen has a tendency to have a shorter life span than sunblock, making sunblock a better choice when looking for something long term. When using a sunscreen with a low SPF, you have to remember to reapply the protectant every hour because only one application will not be enough to protect your child from hours under the sun. In the case that you do forget to reapply there is more of a chance for sun to seep through the weak barrier and still reach your child’s skin. IMG_0130In comparison, our mesh pool fencing has the sturdiness of sunblock! Most competitors cannot keep up with the drawn-out summer of Arizona, causing their mesh material to quickly become dry rotted which leads to it being brittle and easily torn. Don’t settle for sunscreen, invest in sunblock quality products. Having to replace your fence every summer can be a huge blow to your wallet. Our mesh material has proven to fight against the aging abilities of the sun and demonstrate who’s boss.

With all jokes aside, skin care is a serious issue especially living in such a severely sunny state. The harmful damages of the powerful rays can lead to extremely bad burns, and in worst cases skin cancer. These are real concerns with real preventions. Just like the severity of a child getting hurt by the pool. There have been too many heart wrenching accidents of people drowning that making sure every pool is securely protected is a necessity. Any pool related accident should be avoided at all costs and the solution is a simple one. Let your mind be at ease with installing our high-quality, long-lasting, durable mesh fencing, and continue to have a great, pool filled summer.



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Watch your kids around the pool

Category : Pool Safety

Kids love water – which is both a blessing and a curse. It is great that so many kids get to have great fun with their friends and family while playing in the pool under the hot Arizona sun. However, there are inherent dangers related to kids being around water, and those dangers lead to more than a few tragedies each year. For example, in Maricopa County alone in 2014, there were a reported eight deaths among children 0-4 due to pool-related incident. Obviously, this is a serious problem that needs to be address as fully and as aggressively as possible.

One important initiative is the Watch Kids Around Water campaign. It may seem simple, but the vast majority of incidents involving children and water occur because the child was unsupervised at the time of the accident. Adult supervision can prevent nearly all of these tragic events, which it is why it is so important that everyone who has a pool or spends time near a pool understands their responsibilities. When the adults in the situation are responsible and alert, the kids can have fun and just be kids.

Never Alone

The first rule of pool safety when kids are involved is that they should never be alone around water – period. This is a simple rule, but it is the one that just can’t be broken. Even very small bodies of water such as drainage ditches can be dangerous, so kids must be supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times when water is in the vicinity. Obeying this one rule will go an incredibly long way toward preventing any kind of tragedy from taking place.

It should be noted that the adult in charge of supervising children needs to be capable of taking action in case of an emergency. For example, an elderly person might be well-meaning when they offer to watch kids as they swim, but if that person is not physically able to assist a child out of the pool, they won’t make a suitable supervisor. The adult in charge needs to be physically capable of providing aid to a child in danger. Of course, that adult also needs to be sober, and free from distractions such as cell phones.

All Year Long

Don’t assume that your pool is no longer a hazard for children just because it has been covered up for the winter. There are pool-related accidents which take place all year long, as children are just as prone to wander near the water in the winter months as they are in the summer. For this reason, a pool fence in Arizona is a great investment for your property. In Arizona, having a pool fence in place will make it more difficult for children to get anywhere near the water, greatly reducing the chances of an accident. Of course, a fence does not replace adult supervision, but it is an important part of an overall safety plan.

Indoor Water Also Poses a Threat

It is not only important to watch your kids when they are around a swimming pool, but also when they are around any water inside the home that could provide a dangerous situation. Bathtubs full of water, as well as buckets, toilets, and even aquariums, can all pose a risk to a child’s health. Again, this is where supervision is critical. A young child should never be left to bathe alone, for example, under any circumstances. All individuals who care for your young children need to understand the rules regarding water safety, as it only takes a small amount of water to lead to a tragic accident under the wrong circumstances.

The Mistake of Trust

It is great to feel like you can trust your children – but that trust should not extend to situations where water is present. Even if you feel like you kids are smart and cautious around the pool, you still need to be there at all times. Even well-behaved kids make mistakes, so it is up to you to make sure they don’t make any serious mistakes when around water. Leaving children unsupervised around any kind of collected water is just a risk that isn’t worth taking. Keep an eye on all children around the swimming pool at all times, and steer well clear of a potential accident.

If you would like to add a ring of safety around your Arizona pool in the form of a pool fence, please feel free to contact us right away. Our experienced team will help you select the right fence for your needs, and we will be sure that it is installed properly the first time. For a free quote, or simply to learn more about our products and services, use our contact form or just give us a call. Thank you for your time!


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Pool Safety Tips for this Summer

Category : Pool Safety

Arizona is home to an incredible number of residential swimming pools. Of course, that is no surprise – with seemingly constant sunshine and temperatures that can frequently reach into the triple digits, it is only natural that the residents of this beautiful state would want to cool off from time to time. If you have a pool outside your Arizona home, you know just what a luxury it can be during the brutally hot summers. However, you also know that swimming pools can be a safety hazard, and you need to be smart about how you manage the pool if you are going to keep everyone safe throughout the year.

The main safety risk when it comes to home swimming pools has to do with kids. Most kids love to swim, of course, but there is also an inherent amount of risk when you allow kids to be around water. So, with that in mind, we have compiled a list of five pool safety tips that you can use to help keep your family as safe as possible while in or around the pool.

#1 – Put an Adult in Charge

Whenever kids are in or around a pool, there needs to be an adult who is in charge of the situation. Even if there are several adults in the general area while the kids are swimming, there needs to be one specific adult that is in charge of the situation at all times. In today’s world, people are easily distracted by things like cell phones and tablets, meaning that some of the adults around the pool might not really be watching closely as the kids swim. Therefore, you should always have one adult who has been put ‘on duty’ and in charge of the situation. Of course, you can share this responsibility back and forth with other parents as the day goes by to allow everyone to have some time to relax as well.

#2 – Install a Pool Fence

This is one of the most-important pieces of safety advice you can receive, and it is also one of the easiest to fulfill. By installing a pool fence in Arizona around your swimming pool, you can make it difficult for children to access the water when they aren’t supposed to. A properly installed AZ pool fence will provide a physical barrier between children and the open water that can pose a danger to them when unsupervised.

#3 – Teach Children from a Young Age

As soon as a little one is old enough to swim, you should begin to educate them on the basics of pool safety – such as not running near the pool, not jumping into shallow water, etc. Of course, you can’t simply trust the young children to behave properly right away, which is why supervision is always important, but teaching them the basics of safety around water should help them remain safe in and near water as the years go by.

#4 – Care for Your Pool

Another important element of safety is providing a clean and well-regulated pool for everyone’s enjoyment. Make sure to check the chemical levels in your water regularly, and keep the water free from debris. There should always be an initial check on the condition of the pool before anyone gets in. Only when you are confident that the pool is safe and at a reasonable temperature, should you allow the fun to begin.

#5 – Water and Alcohol Don’t Mix

Obviously the kids will not be drinking around the pool, or any other time for that matter, but adults should refrain from consuming alcohol around the water as well. Alcohol is well-known to cause otherwise rational people to make poor decisions, and poor decisions around water can lead to disastrous consequences. This is true at all times, but it is especially important when children are involved. No one who has been tasked with supervising kids as they swim should be consuming alcohol, as that individual needs to be fully capable of taking action in case of an emergency.

It is a great bonus to have a pool on your Arizona property, as the hot summer can tend to drag on and on without somewhere cool to relax. However, you always need to be concerned with safety when you own a pool, which is why the tips above are so important. If you would like to have a pool fence installed on your Arizona property, or you would like to have maintenance and repair work done on an existing fence, please feel free to give us a call today. We would be glad to take care of your AZ pool fence needs so you can get back to safety enjoy the water all summer long! Thank you for reading, and we look forward to your call.